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In order to achieve our goals, we must raise our voices and make ourselves heard. News features and press releases are a great way to make this happen. Read on for some of our latest highlights.

Protest Signs
Megaphone Protestor

Thousands Attend Philadelphia Votes Rally

All over the City of Philadelphia, residents and allies are partnered in the fight to defending voting rights and educating everyday citizens on the importance of democracy. Together, we work hand in hand to transform our society for the better.

10 Movements You Need to Know

There are many organizations just like Philly Votes out there, trying to help us in this fight. To learn more about accompanying ongoing movements, browse our website for a chance to get involved and help make a huge difference!

One to Watch: Philadelphia Votes

Our founder and president, Anthony Quarles, has dedicated his life to ensuring equal rights to all citizens regardless of race, creed, or gender. We are a rising grass-roots coalition who will not stop until the right to vote is unequivocally secure and our citizens are educated.

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